Product Scout Consulting Business. Product Development. Product Sourcing. Consultancy On.It's called the Product Scout Consultancy BUSINESS for a reason.

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Product Scout: Consultancy Business, Glasgow

Bridging the gap between conception, design, manufacture and distribution since 2003. That’s fifteen years and counting.

At Product Scout we bring you experience in Product Sourcing, Product Development for patent and IP holders, our network of contacts extends from the UK, through Europe, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Australia and onto North America. Our major markets include healthcare and medical products both for sourcing and manufacture, consumer electronics, hydroponics, industrial components, and As Seen on T.V. products. Our services include manufacturing from tooling to packaging and we love to get involved with all aspects of the commercialisation of new products. From first promotion to deal brokering with distributors and manufacturers who may produce your products on a licence basis. We have thousands of examples of the products we have developed.

However, they do say: “In business, you should show, not tell.”

We don’t believe everything that people say. ¬†And neither do you.

We believe if we SHOW you what we can do.

You can TELL.

If you wish us to show you a portfolio of our work, or discuss any aspect of product development, including prototypes, tooling, packaging, distribution and including marketing, staff training, exhibition preparation please do contact us.

To contact us please E-mail Product Scout.
We will read your message and reply to you within 24 hours.




This is the contact page of the original Product Scout, established 2003 in Glasgow by K. N. McCaffrey