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Product Scout
Wide experience for hire in crucial areas:

Key Areas
Product Scout gives you access to world class contract manufacturers, product sourcing, development of your new product ideas, as well as sales management and training, team building, business strategy planning and most importantly putting it all into practice.  Kenny has over thirty years experience of business, experience that you can – for a price – benefit from.

Product Scout offers the services you need to develop, manufacture or source product ranges and can also help in selling your patented ideas to world class companies who will both manufacture and market your products.

Licensing of Products – Your Product Ideas – Taken to Top Manufacturers
Product Scout searches for products to sell to Asian, European and American companies, Product Scout offers a free service to represent your product and have your idea seen under confidentiality terms by companies who typically need to develop thousands of new products each year for their international customers.  The fact is that these companies cannot develop the prodyucts they need in house and are open to product pitches.

There is a real shortage of good ideas, Product Scout visits a range of international manufacturers who are looking for partnerships on a royalty basis or outright purchase of new product ideas.

Product Sourcing
New products are the lifeblood of every business, however many small companies are too busy running their business to devote the necessary time to develop new product ranges.  And yet this is vital.  Many do not have the budget to send experienced people to exhibitions or to develop relationships with contract manufacturers. Product Scout does this for you, in a cost effective, professional manner. Product Scout can also help source commodity items.

Contract Manufacturing
At one time only the largest companies could consider sub-contracting the manufacturing of their goods, now in 2016 this route is open to any sized company. With Product Scout’s experience and assistance you can concentrate on the branding, marketing and distribution of your products, while we help you source an OEM partner to produce your goods.

If any of these areas are things that you would like tom speak about, contact Kenny.  However if you don;t feel the need just yet, next time one of these areas comes up in a meeting, in feedback, or just as you are thinking in the shower about what you need to do to make your business better –  think of us and then come back and contact us then, we will be here.

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